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Handling communal / cast tensions

1. Mominpur under Kumarganj PS:
Mominpur under Kumarganj is Tribal dominated with few Muslims residing in and around. There is a football ground which is used by all communities. The land record is not clear before us and D.M. has been requested to address the land issue. Last year, the Tribals objected to the prayer of Muslim Community on the football ground and this year 2017 too, there was a serious tension in the area over the issue of prayer of Muslim Community in Mominpur ground and adjacent area.
Timely and strong police intervention neutralized the situation and thus any untoward incident could be prevented.
The initial police action was followed up by a series of peace meetings involving all stake holders and micro management at the grass root level. An effective information gathering system has been put in place which has helped proper planning and action beyond ground. Confidence building measures and a series of community policing activities has also been instrumental in bringing back normalcy thick and fast.  

2. Patra under Banshihari PS:
There was a problem at Patra under Banshihari PS. It all started with the dispute of a graveyard located in a Hindu majority area and the passage to the graveyard which runs through Hindu Moholla. There is a tree which the Hindus treat as sacred and which Muslims consider to be threateningly close to the graveyard.
After lots of homework, persuasions, negotiations, the graveyard could be walled effectively but the problem remained for some time over the worship of the tree. On the occasion of Shibratri (24/02/2017) the problem took a serious turn but could be tackled effectively due to prompt police intervention.
The increased sensivity on the ground has been assessed very quickly by the robust intelligence machinery comprising of trained intelligence personnel and Civic Volunteers. This was followed by effective police intervention and at present the area is peaceful and is monitored closely.